Exploring Power of Linux Depths: A Comprehensive Knowledge Quiz 2024

Power of Linux

Exploring Power of Linux Depths: A Comprehensive Knowledge Quiz 2024

Introduction:Power of Linux

Linux, the open-source operating system, has become a cornerstone in the world of computing. Known for its stability, security, and flexibility, Linux is used across a wide range of applications, from powering servers to running personal computers and embedded systems. How well do you know this powerful operating system? Test your Linux knowledge with our interactive quiz and discover just how much you understand about the inner workings of this open-source marvel.

🧠 Test your knowledge with this quiz! 📝

1) You forget the root password. You decide to reboot using a boot disk floppy. What do you need to do to recover the root password?

a) Mount the main partition, edit the /etc/passwd file to remove the root password, reboot.

b) Mount the root partition, edit the /etc/passwd file to remove the root password, reboot.

c) Mount the main partition, edit the /tmp/passwd file to remove the root password, reboot

d) Mount the root partition, edit the /etc/passwds file to remove the root password, reboot

e) none of the above

2) The previous system administrator put useless messages at login, what file do you edit to change the system message?

a) /etc/motd
b) /etc/str
c) /etc/strtms
d) /etc/.conf

3) Users on your network cannot print to a Linux printer. You decide to restart the printer daemon, which command would achieve that?

a) topq printer-name
b) enable printer-name
c) restart printer-name
d) up printer-name

4) Which file does Linux use to resolve hostnames?

a) /etc/hostname.conf
b) /etc/dns.conf
c) /etc/host.conf
d) /etc/resolve.conf

5) What is “tin”?

a) Terminal Interpreter
b) The command to change the time
c) The command to compare text files
d) A newsreader

6) What are the file attributes for executing Perl programs?

a) 666
b) 755
c) 766
d) 777

7) What is bash?

a) Something you do to a watermelon
b) A command to delete multiple files
c) A network bit format
d) A command shell

8) What is the DOS LPT1 port in Linux?

a) /dev/lpt0
b) /dev/lpt1
c) /dev/lp0
d) /dev/lp1

9) What are the minimum memory requirement for XFree86?

a) 640K
b) 2MB
c) 4MB
d) 8MB
e) 16MB

10) You attempt to remove a directory, but Linux won’t allow you, what is the most likely problem?

a) The directory name contains illegal characters
b) You are not logged in as root
c) The hard disk is full
d) The directory is not empty
e) None are likely problems

11) From a command prompt, what does the command “ls” do?

a) Lists the settings of the OS
b) Lists the contents of the directory
c) List command to list contents of files
d) Finnish words, means to direct a file to a port
e) None of the Above

12) Which command creates a file system?

a) fdisk
b) crfs
c) mkfs
d) fs

13) What is the default administrator username?

a) administrator
b) admin
c) superuser
d) root
e) head

14) Which of the following are valid Linux wildcards? (Choose all that apply)

a) * and ?
b) /
c) ?
d) &
e) Z

15) What does the command “ps” do?

a) Prints the directory
b) Shows what processes are running
c) Print status of LPT1
d) Produces system statistics
e) None of the above

16) You are working in Linux when a program hits a flaw and stops running. Which command can be used to end the process?

a) kill
b) stop
c) end
d) wait

17) A user is logged into the Linux workstation, what is the best way to login to root from a shell prompt?

a) login root
b) chuser root
c) su
d) root

18) Linux allows filenames up to what number of characters?

a) 8
b) 11
c) 256
d) 512
e) Unlimited

19) T/F: The command “pwd” displays the directory

a) True
b) False

20) T/F: To move files, use the “move” command.

a) True
b) False


Extra Bonanza 2023 – 10 More Question

  1. Kernel Knowledge:
    • Question: What is the core component of the Linux operating system responsible for managing system resources and serving as a bridge between hardware and software?
      • A) BIOS
      • B) Kernel
      • C) Shell
      • D) Compiler
  2. Distribution Details:
    • Question: Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian are examples of different Linux distributions. What term is commonly used to refer to a complete Linux operating system, including the kernel, software packages, and system utilities?
      • A) Linux Flavor
      • B) GNU/Linux
      • C) Linux Brand
      • D) OS Kernel
  3. Command Line Magic:
    • Question: Which command is used to create a new directory in the Linux command line interface?
      • A) rd
      • B) cd
      • C) mkdir
      • D) touch
  4. Package Management:
    • Question: In Debian-based Linux distributions, what is the command used to install software packages?
      • A) apt-get
      • B) yum
      • C) pacman
      • D) dnf
  5. File System Fundamentals:
    • Question: What is the root directory in a Linux file system denoted by?
      • A) /
      • B) /root
      • C) /home
      • D) /bin
  6. User Administration:
    • Question: Which command is used to add a new user in the Linux command line?
      • A) adduser
      • B) useradd
      • C) newuser
      • D) createUser
  7. Networking Know-How:
    • Question: What command is used to display the IP address of a Linux system in the terminal?
      • A) ifconfig
      • B) ipconfig
      • C) netstat
      • D) ping
  8. Process Management:
    • Question: Which command is used to terminate a running process in Linux?
      • A) stop
      • B) terminate
      • C) kill
      • D) endprocess
  9. System Initialization:
    • Question: What is the name of the default init system used by most modern Linux distributions, including Ubuntu and Fedora?
      • A) systemd
      • B) initd
      • C) upstart
      • D) sysvinit
  10. Shell Scripting Savvy:
    • Question: Which symbol is used to comment out a line in a Bash script?
      • A) //
      • B) #
      • C) —
      • D) %

Congratulations on completing the Linux quiz! Whether you aced it or discovered some new areas to explore, Linux remains a fascinating and dynamic realm in the world of technology. Dip deeper into the world of open source and continue sharpening your skills to master the versatility and power that Linux brings to the computing landscape. Happy coding!


What is the purpose of the Linux Quiz?The Linux Quiz aims to test your knowledge of Linux operating systems.
How can I participate in the quiz?Simply access the quiz platform and follow the instructions to start the Linux Quiz.
Are there any prerequisites for the quiz?No prerequisites are required. However, a basic understanding of Linux concepts would be beneficial.
Can I retake the quiz?Yes, most likely. Check the specific quiz rules for information on retaking and any associated limitations.
Is the Linux Quiz timed?Timings may vary. Refer to the quiz instructions for details on the duration and any time-related constraints.
What topics does the quiz cover?The quiz covers a range of Linux-related topics, including commands, file systems, permissions, and networking.
How will I receive my quiz results?Upon completion, your results will be displayed immediately, showing your performance in different areas.
Are there prizes for high scores?Check the quiz details for information on any prizes or recognition for achieving high scores.
Can I review my answers after the quiz?Depending on the platform, you may have the option to review your answers and understand the correct solutions.
Where can I get additional help?If you have specific questions or need clarification, reach out to the quiz organizers or use available resources.

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